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Finally an update. Enjoy. I know it’s from 2009. Stare and be happy.

July 4, 2009


This theme worked with Rockbox 3.1

So this is how I made it work with Rockbox 3.1. I was informed that the %P was not valid anymore on Rockbox (also I was told if there is any mistake or outdated information in the .wps the Wps would not work properly).So to make this work on Rockbox 3.1:

open up the .wps file in the text editor and go to the line that says %P and copy the |name.bmp, then remove the line that begins with %P. Now paste the |name.bmp after the %pb part so it looks like this %pb|name.bmp|”X-coordinate”|”Y-coordinate”|”bitmap-width”|”bitmap-height”|
The name.bmp is the progress bar itself. The parts in “” have to be replaced with numbers.

Yes, you have to calculate the x and y coordinates ( I know math is such a pain right?) but Gimp should tell you that and your text viewer program should tell you the height and width of your picture.

Note: the bitmap width and height have to be in pixels.

So based on the .wps pasted below, theĀ  %P|blue bar.bmp| would be deleted and would be pasted after %pb so the %pb line would look like %pb|blue bar.bmp|13|22|296|12| (do not follow these numbers exact because this is just an example and the numbers might screw up the position of the progress bar).

For now I think this should fix some of the outdated wpses. I tried to fix the “joshpod” like this but it did not work out so I’ll keep searching.



The ipod begin theme wps

Here is the .wps code for the ipod begin theme:

%X|solid background.bmp|
%xl|k|white bar.bmp|21|172|
%P|blue bar.bmp|
     %pp of %pe

%ac%pc                                        %pr

For me this only worked on the Jbuild ( is an unsupported build of rockbox that is made by Julius (sorry I don’t know his last name) the more advanced themes work on his build.
Don’t use word or any office or works program because of the risk of screwing up the font.

Copy then paste it onto a text editor.
Save it as a your theme.wps. your theme = whatever you want to name your theme.
Put it into the wps folder of rockbox.
After you are done editing photos, put it in a folder and again name it whatever you named your .wps file but without the .wps extension.
Then put it into the wps folder in .rockbox and it should load.


Rockbox Themes

Starting by stating the obvious: this blog is really new. It is made for those who use Gimp to edit Rockbox bitmaps and don’t want to waste time selecting each individual tint of gradients. This gets annoying really quick so in order to take that pain out I have posted up photos of the first theme (Ipod Simple) redone with solid colors. I will post more when I have time but for now this one is enough to start out with basics. Besides I need to learn how to properly use .wps coding.

btw for those extremely new to rockbox and the unix terminal I feel your pain as I am also a newb.

Note: MOHDMACH “logo” is copyrighted (2009) and most likely won’t receive permission to be used by anyone other than the author of this blog. Along with the profile pictures which are variations of the logo and apply to the same note stated above.



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